Gabriel Sound Garage Stinger

Stinger, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Gabriel Sound Garage.

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Gabriel Sound Garage Stinger 7 Amp

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Gabriel Sound Garage announces a new all-tube low-wattage amp model, the Gabriel Stinger 7-watt.

As a single-ended switchable EL84/6V6 class-A amp, the Stinger 7 is designed to produce two overdrive accents (Yank or Brit, or both), flavored with the characters of each power tube.


The Stinger was designed to reproduce the tone that shaped Rock 'n' Roll without much impediment from extra gain or tone stack stages, the company says. With that in mind, it features a single channel with a Volume ("Rock") control, a Tone ("Thump") control, the power tube Mode Selector, and a Master Volume ("Accent").


The amp also includes a Power Amount control (variable voltage regulator) designed to regulate the overall voltage feeding the amp. The Power Amount is designed to allow you to drive the amp at high volumes but regulate the wattage output which makes it a tool for quiet practicing.


With its 7-watt output, the Stinger is designed to be used in recordings, smaller size venues, or mic'd. As an added feature, the Stinger features a green beam "Magic Eye" tube, which acts as a VU-meter for your signal dynamics.

The Stinger comes in a head and 1x10" combo package (loaded with a Weber Silver Ten AlNiCo speaker).


  • POWER OUTPUT - 7 watts (class A)
  • VACUUM TUBES - 12AX7 (pre), EL84 & 6V6 (power), EM80 (Magic Eye), and 5Y3 (rectifier)
  • CABINET CONSTRUCTION - Baltic Birch 9-ply finger joint.
  • HEAD DIMS AND WEIGHT - 15"W x 7.5"H x 8"D, 18 Lbs
  • 1x10" COMBO DIMENSIONS AND WEIGHT - 20"W X 20"H X 10"D, 37 Lbs
  • SPEAKER IN 1x10" COMBO - Weber Silver Ten


No pricing info. For more information, visit Gabriel Sound Garage.

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