Xavier Petit DVD "Fabrication d'une Guitare Electrique"
Xavier Petit DVD "Fabrication d'une Guitare Electrique"

DVD "Fabrication d'une Guitare Electrique", Other CD & Sound Bank from Xavier Petit.

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didi purple 03/30/2005

Xavier Petit DVD "Fabrication d'une Guitare Electrique" : didi purple's user review


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DVD 110 minutes aimed at the popularization of stringed guitar / bass, the first of its kind in FRENCH.
Congratulations Mr. Petit for this initiative!

Couraging the guitar when the DVD is a strat recess but nothing prevents you to another party model bought a plan or drawing with your own care.


The squence together perfectly on the music of Jean Fontanille "endorsquot; rcemment by XP that has a Labor MODEL electrical signature.

As a bonus the end of the DVD, tests DIFFERENT MODELS of Xp: elcery (the built in DVD) rsonnator and patrick acoustic MODEL Rondat.


Amateur violin, I buy the DVD to encourage this kind of initiative because it is difficult to provide this information in french in this area.

The aim is primarily to guide a nophyte in the manufacture of an electric guitar so simple and try to fashion a opratoire Submitted excluding any heavy equipment such as "top", "size", dfonceuse stationary .... usually found in shops but the amateur luthiers not forcment on hand for lack of space and money recess.
Hand tools are also Reduces to a minimum.

As a bonus, we Xp Submitted Retailer his studio and each machine and their function.
One chapter is devoted to the main species used in the manufacture of guitars / electric bass and the influences of each on his and another chapter will guide you in making templates: clear, concise and indispensable!

The ralisations is well made: there is no "length" of squence Xp unnecessary and advises each step and always keep in mind that it is for amateurs .

Personally, I have a library on the violin provided enough (mainly English) and I admit having a soft spot for this DVD without prtention other than to accompany the guitar fans design their own instrument with a minimum of means.

The higher standard is the "service APRS sale": if something seems unclear or you you DSIR further a particular point, you can visit his site and he will be happy to assist you .

The price is 42.50 euro including shipping and well worth as you will save time and purchase of tools by forcment useful.