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dmt060668 12/02/2011

Lagrandcour FK : dmt060668's user review

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Guitar from around ;-) design canada / France, making China treats - rglage the plant is done properly.

A priori it is the same as MODEL A22 (just renamed but exactly the same look & matrial)

I think the handle is strait and flat than most folks.

The finish surprises me enjoyable I have seen guitars with frets over Chres wrong plants or default of varnish (or so I bowl with the models).


rather fine and enjoyable round for my small hands - contact with the fingers is rather good and allows beginners to place the agreements without much galrer ;-)

CHAC is easy to acute (20 frets): this says it accde little that level either.

The ergonomic design with a pan shot is super good ide, when one mle to sing at the same time or particularly want to play up to the horn. I tried before that the folks (Yamaha, Cort ...) and I think this guitar is more "friendly" ergonomics of the game in perspective with my two years of diligent guitar only.

Sound: I like this test elsewhere, may be a little more lens and a bit less powerful bass.


Its nice as prcdemment says: I play mostly blues and jazz mdiator, and I sometimes metallica acoustic singer ...

Up Submitted, she can not m'nerver, even after qqs hours trying to grow ...


I've had my boot the guitar two years ago. Since I bought an electric (Charvel CH6) for the rveiller mtalleux dormant in me, but I use mainly for his CF yet ease of play

The +: ergonomics
the -: not found yet, but I will have one day, I get it ...

report quality price: 150 bought secondhand in 2009: I'm happy

Oh yes I would do this choice: beginners and intermdiaires, do not miss ...