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tgir2 12/09/2004

dbx 150X : tgir2's user review


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Rducteur background noise analog tape magnto
MODEL dbx 150 => RCA connectors Fully in contrast to 150x that plugs into Jack 6.35
Rglage screw sensibilt level in between (record) and output (play)


No problem connecting: a terminal input / output for magnto; a terminal input / output to the console.
prvoir asymtriques cables rca / xlr and (or) RCA / Jack connections for console and magnto
Warning: Although rgler the sensitivity of output and avoid problems or pumping phase.


So is the carrment the killing. The criticism that is to Analogue (same kind Studer or Otari pro) is the background noise by the GNR dfile of the band on the heads. With dbx, no more audible noise, it's like a digital again. Angdote for the very first time that I have used APRS do a test recording I thought of making bad connections as the silence of silent operation "Submitted" before begins the song.
The dynamic is perfectly respcte and I do not not live in pb or coloration of the signal the ear.

Magnto If your band is in good condition and perfectly rgl this device will make you change your mind about analog recording.


I use it on a Studer / Revox PR 99 MK II for 1 month. For me this device is essential.
Its only weak point for the connection in CAR (requires cables trs good quality and not Exceeds 3 meters to avoid any dgradation signal).

Its strong point? Everything else, effective music; simplicity of use.

As for the price, we find some in perfect state less than 50 € on ebay.

That happiness. Thank you, Mr. dbx