NIIO Analog Iotine Core
NIIO Analog Iotine Core

Iotine Core, Other Studio Effect from NIIO Analog.

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[Musikmesse] NIIO Analog Iotine Core

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The Iotine Core is multi-layer sound processor, an analog mixing tool designed to shape sound for a recording or live environment.


The IC is designed for breaking up a track for sound design and mixing.  The dual VCF channels can be used for dynamic filtering, as well as to split and mix the sound by frequency. 14 analog saturation circuits are available for adding character and texture, as well as creating a space within the mix.


The IC features 3 separate processing layers that each includes a Filter, VCA, and a selection of Saturation circuits. Both channels feature a 12db VCF for audio filtering and reminiscent of 12db synth filters. The dual channel SAT selection with variable DRIVE offers texture and intensity circuits designed to alter sound density through a range of analog techniques.



ENV x2

  • H-AR envelope with HOLD / ATTACK / RELEASE / THRESHOLD
  • Intricate triggering from audio source
  • ENV triggering from INPUT 1/2, or VCF
  • EXT TRIG designed to allow triggering from a separate audio source


  • 12db VCF
  • Variable Q saturation in conjunction with the IN control
  • Filter MOD from envelope in both normal and inverse polarity
  • External MOD from audio or voltage control source

SAT x2

  • 6 SAT circuits
  • Variable drive allows for a range of saturation per circuit
  • Circuits allow for thickening and various textures to be created

VCA x2

  • Functions as an Expander/gate or compressor
  • Variable mod depth with both normal and inverse polarity
  • Gating effects from ENV


  • AUDIO routing from INPUT1/SAT1/SAT2
  • FILTER with LP/BP/HP and open Q
  • VCA with Normal and Inverse MOD from ENV 1/2 or direct waveform MOD from SAT 1/2


  • Balanced/Unbalanced 1/4"
  • 2-IN
  • 3-OUT
  • MIX out




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