Moog Music Etherwave Theremin Standard
Moog Music Etherwave Theremin Standard

Etherwave Theremin Standard, Other Synthesizer from Moog Music.

9703michel 03/01/2005

Moog Music Etherwave Theremin Standard : 9703michel's user review


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What is your gift to me that day!
it is a beautiful object of curiosities I got a kit upstream, very simple to assemble.


It is a difficult instrument to play trs, but with a little patience and ears, we come to do great things. Of course it takes of the ear, not the instrument n'tant tempra.
In my case I use it in classical music, I master a few titles. I had a great time making me accompany my piano accompaniments numrique via midi.


Similar to the musical saw, it has the sound of Thrmin is undeniable! Let's play with the pots to get closer to what you seek. It's going to "bulk" of the cello has the musical saw, from no human voice, or the cat's throat after vidos, we just find the sound of the theremin clara rockemore to rule it a little like a cello, or that of Lidya Kavina that looks more like a musical saw (his most deaf). Unlike chris angel, I find it easy to vary the sound with the last 2 pots.


Great "toy" for pater friends, even at attention when not abused, at risk of earthquake, and to RVer night. If you become a virtuoso (as in the video that came with) you can do begins CF career, there are indeed some good thereminist trs!