Moog Music Theremini
Moog Music Theremini

Theremini, Other Synthesizer from Moog Music.

malhomme 11/09/2014

Moog Music Theremini : malhomme's user review

«  Fantastically fun »

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I do not come back passur the Theremin, two antennas etc ... And of course the fact that it is monaural
This is not a "real" Theremin composed of discrete components but a model that turns he seems on a processor phone.

The real contrast is more
- Several sound waveform
- A CV output
- A mini USB port that is used in particular to update the animal or connect with iAppli made for.
- A small delay
- A small HP
- Buttons on the front panel to adjust volume, effects and selection of presets
- Quantification of the pitch


The config is relatively simple but requires reading the manual.
We will return for the above range as the sensitivity of the antennas will be reviewed as progress.

But Moog thought of you: there is a quantification of the notes adjustable front (purists say sacrilege!) Device. So your little sisters gestures at the beginning will be compensated, quantification laisssant the fixed note to the next position ...

The connection with the iAppli, as long as you have a iTruc, is also a real plus (publishing more "deep" many additional sounds, sound library).


As I said the variety of sounds than small delay (which is only slightly réglaglable unfortunately) make a real plus. Of course, purists will say that it is not a REAL Theremin. That is true. But we gain a fun object for the whole family with a variety of sounds unattainable true Theremin and affordable.


As a previous reviewer said, playing the Theremin (or Theremini here) is not easy. You will not be surprised to see that like any instrument, it will take a lot of time learning. Audiofanzine on but we know it!
But let him hang around the house actually looks like this: its immediate adoption by children!