Moog Music Theremini
Moog Music Theremini

Theremini, Other Synthesizer from Moog Music.

graal7 11/09/2014

Moog Music Theremini : graal7's user review

«  not easy to master ..... »

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no keyboard, this is an antenna .the beach is being C1 D8.
we can parameterize the extent of the game that we want to exploit.
at startup is asked to make a calibration that will memorize.
it's pretty simple: put his hand 1.5 meter then close all of the antenna.
ditto for the other antenna noise levels.
32 editable presets, delay effect has 3 levels (short, medium, and long off) Amount with a button that affect the sound more or moins.pour each preset can change the type of game with chromatic scales, ionian , Dorian major, minor, 5 th (21 types in all) basically it works with 7 waveforms and 7 filters that allow the different sounds output CV out to control a synth, usb 2.0 audio output jack .it stereo headphones and it has an internal hp.
there is a small monochrome screen to parameterize all during the game and you see a slider that lets you view the note with its name (C, E, F etc ....) is a small diamond that has focus when Note is to help this we can use the Pitch correstion button that allows you to raise or lower the height as a "real theremin" way portamento or by bearing right note on a piano and as it gradually ( wholesale we can apply it more or less depending if mastery)


Configuration is simple compared to a synth.
the manual is clear in English only
the edition is simple because few parameters.


sounds are those of an analog synthesizer basique.le delay is a real plus.


I already try the old Moog theremins.
that is the most fun and cheaper.
I pass on all esthetique.c'est plastic with aluminum antenna.
it looks like an alarm clock radio 70s.
But I find the device very difficult to master to really play like an instrument in its own right.
this is a sound experience in I think we can quickly get bored by discouragement.