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Best Service Gu Zheng

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Best Service Gu Zheng
News Best Service Gu Zheng

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Gu Zheng is described by Best Service as "one of the most beautiful, traditional Chinese instruments with a history of more than 2000 years."

The modern Gu Zheng is a Chinese plucked zither equipped with 21 strings and movable bridges. Basic playing styles include plucking at the right porti on and pressing at the left portion to produce pitch ornamentations as well as tremolo. Yellow River Sound´s Gu Zheng is produced by Zhang Jian (China Conservatory of Music) & Ma Jing (ADSH) in cooperation with Best Service.

Here is what Best Service had to say:

“Using the Best Service ENGINE sample player technology, this virtual instrument offers more detailed articulations than ever. Its freshness and elegance reflects the preserved spirit in Chinese culture. While many virtual instruments are involved in the loudness war, YRS Gu Zheng’s low velocity samples allow you to experience the sound of silence, nevertheless, its wide dynamic range also provides punchy impact. With the release of YRS Gu Zheng and more instruments to follow, Chinese instruments will no longer be a sub-category in your ethno library.”

SRP 119,- EUR  (£ 109)

This product is shipping now at  www.bestservice.de.
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