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Soundbytes Updates All Plugins

Soundbytes announced its version 1.1 update for the entire Soundbytes VST plug-in range.

The update is designed to bring improvements and stability to the VST synthesizers BagPipes, HurdyGurdy, and HurdyGurdyLE, as well as to the VST effect plug-ins Sympathizer and StringVerb.

New features and improvements:
All Plug-ins:
  • New Value display allows to read and modify the exact parameter value for all knob and fader controls
  • New fine tune VST parameters allow exact retuning of all voices through VST automatisation. This works fine as well when only standard low resolution MIDI controllers are available
  • MIDI note range borders can conveniently be inserted from a MIDI keyboard
  • Bug fixes increase the overall stability and usability of the plug-ins

VST Instruments:
BagPipes, HurdyGurdy and HurdyGurdyLE
  • The newly integrated MIDI monitor displays all incoming MIDI messages
  • MIDI controler setup parameters are now stored independently from the patch data. Up to six MIDI configurations can be recalled
  • Stepper buttons change color when a note outside the recorded range is selected in the tuning and chanter range sections
  • Keyboard direction can be turned over in the HurdyGurdy instrument. This is very useful for those who play the traditional hurdy gurdy instrument where the keys play in reverse direction
  • The feature allows to play and practise traditional hurdy gurdy riffs and fingerings on a standard MIDI keyboard (not available for BagPipes)

VST Effects
Sympathizer and StringVerb
  • Resonator engine has been redesigned
  • Location of tuning table files is remembered to enable effortless loading and saving of pitch list descriptions
  • New fader grouping option copy has been added (Sympathizer only)

System Requirements
All Soundbytes VST plug-ins can be integrated within compatible VST host applications. Soundbytes plug-ins are currently only available for the windows platform.

Minimum Requiements: Windows XP and later, VST v2.4 or higher host software.

This update is free for all registered users.

Demo versions of the plug-ins can be obtained from www.soundbytes.de.

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