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  • Behringer Ultratwin GX210

    Behringer Ultratwin GX210 - "Behringer GX210"


    I bought this amp from and i bought it because i needed a bigger amp and this one was a descent price at $269.00 I like all the 99 built in effects and how loud it can get. i dont really like the distortion that much because its…

  • Behringer Vintager AC112

    Behringer Vintager AC112 - "Behringer Vintager AC112"


    $289.98 online from American Musical Supply The price. On board effects. 12ax7 tube, 60 watts, Jensen speaker. Comes with foot pedal/ The tone. The tone. THE TONE! Controls on top of the amp, prefer them on the fac. No tuner, Would rather have had…

  • Behringer Ultratwin GX212

    Behringer Ultratwin GX212 - "Behringer GX212"


    I paid Australian $870 for this fantastic unit. That's way under $US500. The price is unbelieveable and I recomment you don't get turned off it just because it's inexpensive. These baby's cook. The GX212 cranks it out against my mate's Stage 185 and…

  • Behringer Vintager AC112

    Behringer Vintager AC112 - "Behringer Vintager AC112"


    I bought this amp at after several weeks of searching for an amp. The price I paid for it was $289.98. Price Paid: US $289.98 -60-Watt RMS amp with 12AX7 tube -Original Jensen ® 70-Watt 12" speaker -Two channels wit…

  • Behringer Blue Devil GX112

    Behringer Blue Devil GX112 - "Behringer Blue Devil GX112 Guitar Amp/Workstation"


    $229.00 (US) plus tax. My 17-year old son is an accomplished guitarist - I bought him a Yamaha FG-150 (yeah, the same acoustic Country Joe McDonald played at Woodstock) when he was ten. We researched internet prices on the Blue Devil, and a local d…

  • Behringer Blue Devil GX112

    Behringer Blue Devil GX112 - "Behringer GX112 Blue Devil"


    I read a great review, went to Millenium Music in Homestead, Florida. They were very helpful and informed. Purchased the floor model (some nicks) for $275.00 I strongly suggest you seek this amp out and comparison shop! This is a very versatile, 65…

Translated user reviews
  • Behringer V-Ampire LX112

    Behringer V-Ampire LX112 - " Good value for money"


    What kind of amplification (lamp, transistor, ...)? Power delivered? transistor 2x60W stereo or mono 1x100W What connection? There's everything you need! 3'5 input jack for an mp3 or a PC with volume control input, headphone output on the fron…

  • Behringer V-Ampire LX112

    Behringer V-Ampire LX112 - Jack Shnor's review


    I will not dwell on a description that has already been the subject of X com. but the V-Amp I'm looking at is equipped with a HP Jensen JCH 12/70 8homs everything else is really just the same. UTILIZATION RAS SOUNDS 2 Strat, an Aria pro2,…

  • Behringer V-Tone GM108

    Behringer V-Tone GM108 - " is pointless"


    a transistor amplifier 15w power adjustable equalizer usual Amp Modelling short the amp to make noise in an apartment UTILIZATION very very simple configuration not read the manual and for sound noise ..... yes SOUNDS should no s…

  • Behringer V-Ampire LX110

    Behringer V-Ampire LX110 - "Breathtaking!"


    This is my little last 3 years I have been waiting for (besides my specimen freshly landed in Toto date of mid-2008, Bebert put them on standby for 2 years then, perhaps for legal reasons go figure) not less. Mine is red, beautiful but not too eas…