Behringer V-Tone GM108
Behringer V-Tone GM108

V-Tone GM108, Modelling Combo Guitar Amp from Behringer in the V-Tone series.

Echo tango 03/09/2006

Behringer V-Tone GM108 : Echo tango's user review


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Combo 15watts transistors
Between a guitar
Between 1 CD
1 x headphones
Input level (drive)
Master volume
3-band EQ
3 amp simulations (tweed / british / Californian)
Three drive modes (clean / hi gain / hot)
3 HP simulated (flat, US, UK)
1 8-inch HP
No channel switching, no rverbe
I was looking for a chic and cheap amp to work ... and I found home.


Ben is a one channel amp
One branch is lighted, it Trifouille buttons and ears saying "I like / I do not like)
For those who do not come out, the manual is more than yammer complet.Il blank pages to record your favorite rglages.


Ct sound, it is far from over grsilent boxes transistors that they amplify. However J'mets qques Reserved rglages about the most extreme (Californian + HOT + UK) one-sounding artificial anything (it's like a stuffed turkey turkey without: beginners, but good at heart as and when it eats nothing but a farce). Otherwise, the clean is clean and my sound is a combination prfr "British + flat + hi gain". If we drive out the RULES to the disto CONTRL with the dynamics of its jeu.Mon of references is the JCM 800 and I must say that comes close (relatively guards ).
I put a 8 causes the rendering of certain sounds artificial.


I did not want an amp full of long-term effects eventually tiring the listener / musician. It was right here a simple but effective package.
It took me about 5 minutes to test it and ship it this afternoon APRS.
At the price I pay (60) sr I plunged back in stride.
Lightweight, not bulky, simple and powerful enough to work at home or with friends (without drums).
I know some will still cringe, but Behringer has done trs fort on this one ...