Behringer V-Tone GM108
Behringer V-Tone GM108

V-Tone GM108, Modelling Combo Guitar Amp from Behringer in the V-Tone series.

MGR/Mike in Michigan 11/21/2004

Behringer V-Tone GM108 : MGR/Mike in Michigan's user review

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Purchased at Gutar Center for $59.99 (list price is $79.99)

This is an incredibly versatile modeling amp. It models 3 different amps, 3 speaker configurations and 3 gain settings. It also offers a 3 band equalizer along with a separate drive control. Add in the headphone jack, CD input and master volume and you have an incredible package. The tweed models Fender, the British models Marshall and the California models Mesa/Booogie. The clean is clean and the overdrive modeling is pretty darned good. You get the impression of compression rather than clipping. When you use the speaker models (other than "Flat") you would not beleive the sound if being produced by a single 8 inch speaker. This amp is LOUD when you want it to be.

I like everything about this amp.

This is built llike a tank. I have taken it on the road with me for business trips in checked luggage. The size and weight make it great for that purpose. The quality is excellent.

This is a great amp. It works wonderfully at home and on the road. The headphone jack kept me from getting tossed out of my hotel while on the road and playing later at night. The modeling is getting VERY close to analog overdrive and tone. This all comes in a compact, affordable package. When looking for this amp, I compared it head-to-head with several others (all costing more 1.5 to 3 times more) and this little amp blew them all away. If you want an amp that sounds great, and gives you amazing versatility without breaking the bank or your back, buy this amp.

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