Fender Cyber Deluxe
Fender Cyber Deluxe

Cyber Deluxe, Modelling Combo Guitar Amp from Fender in the Cyber series.

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reXet 01/25/2006

Fender Cyber Deluxe : reXet's user review


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Amp transistor modeling. CyberTwin little brother. 1 HP 12 "60W.
For stereo line output, headphone, line sotie with speaker simulation for recording, midi.
Section effect: reverb, modulation (flanger, wah, tremolo, etc.), delay.
Compressor and noise gate built.
4 switch pedals.

I'm not sure what we could ask more for an amp of this size ...


The first thing to do with this amp is to switch to manual mode to auto mode because it tests the factory presets and as is often the case, they're full of effects and is all useless simplment except at most to the band StarWars FX ...

Once passed in manual mode, you choose the type of amp to emulate and then the Cyber ​​Deluxe amp reacts like a classic and its own settings. Even the effects are applied according to the modeled real amp (pre or post treatment).

The interface is not always on top because the amp is rather small and already provided lots of buttons and other pots. So it lacks some serigraphs and it is often back into the manual to know what each setting. Not to mention the LEDs galore that rapidly switch your amp for a Christmas tree. But after reading the manual we can better understand the logic of the device and it comes out fairly quickly. I also regret that we can not cut the HP when using the line output with speaker simulation (but hey, just plug a jack into the headphone output gap).

I think it is possible to update the firmware but it is obliged to send the Fender amp. Impractical when the amp is equipped with a MIDI that could serve this purpose.

Amp extremely brief but full of that blow is not the easiest to use at first: a force to the technology around you lose a little feeling of the gear basic but functional immediately.


The sounds are very convincing, I was pleasantly surprised by the technology of modeling. My previous amp was a Peavey Classic 50 (head + 4x10 cabinet) that I can resell for lack of space. I wanted with my new purchase, I have a small combo featuring a wide range of sounds to use in my home studio. The clean sounds are superb and very nice crunch. Some emulations are not at all convincing, but the principal is there and looking around quickly found the "soul" of Fender amps (but never fully achieved, unfortunately), despite the technology used. I shall make a reservation on the distortions that I find it a bit noisy. It sounds rather transistor, it lacks warmth and is not creamy enough for my taste, despite the proposed range of preset ... So I use my Ibanez pedal TubeKing tube and I found a tube distortion that I like. The simulations are made and connecting it directly to the soundcard via the line out jack, you get a 'pod like' with its very nice fits rather well to the mix even if overall the sound n ' is not sufficiently defined. Bravo to the side of the amp versatile anyway! The effects section is good without being exceptional ... troubleshoot it for the live one will say.


I changed before any amp for congestion problems. So I wanted an amp with a 12 inch maximum and I came across this little Fender Cyber ​​Deluxe. I immediately saw the sonic palette he could bring me in my little home studio and it was the main argument because it saves me more to buy a POD or a V-Amp for the recording studio. Its 60W is more than enough to repeat in a little training. In short you'll understand that his strength is his versatility, the whole "I can do anything" in such a small amp. In terms of sound, you'll get nice crunch and clean sounds wonderful but I was not totally convinced by the overdrive that sounds a bit "transistor" for my taste ... but hey, good pedal and it's done.

Overall I'm pleased with this purchase because it meets my expectations but do not hesitate to spend a few hours on it before you get an idea for a long grip is necessary.

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