Fender Cyber Deluxe
Fender Cyber Deluxe

Cyber Deluxe, Modelling Combo Guitar Amp from Fender in the Cyber series.

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MGR/Ben Pickering 01/12/2004

Fender Cyber Deluxe : MGR/Ben Pickering's user review

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I got this amp at Sound Control in Edinburgh, it cost me £599. I got it because I had surpassed my old marshall amp and needed a gig amp, and I am to clumbsy for Valve, so this is perfect.

Almost everything. The distortion is amazing, from the obviously Hendrix inspired "Red House" lead setting to the Zakk wylde style distortion of Drop D'd and Dual Richter. It all there, and the first thing you notice is how warm it is. The amp modeling is spot on, the brittish amp presets sound as good as their marshall counter parts (a TSL 60 watt combo) and everythign is great. The effects too, satisfy everything you would need, btu not everythign you would want

No wah, but thats easily fixed with the upgraded pedal. The 10 cents flat LED on the tuner is broken, its on when it should be off, but thats all. But Basically I love it to bits.

It weighs about 24 kgs, and as far as i know, it can survive most things you throw at it, plus its not valve, so its not got any fragile parts. Built like a bunker, with better aesthetics.

A brilliant amp for anyone who can't quite find that sound or tone, or anyone who can and loves it, its there for you, and its great

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