Fender Cyber Deluxe
Fender Cyber Deluxe

Cyber Deluxe, Modelling Combo Guitar Amp from Fender in the Cyber series.

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MGR/walter H 12/15/2003

Fender Cyber Deluxe : MGR/walter H's user review

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I bought this friggin amazing amp at a local music store "Victor Litz" near my house it was 700$

Te Fender Cyber Deluxe has the most accurate sounding tones to the vintage amps it "Becomes"
its just like a tube amp if u crank it up it will start to get distorted. I just love the deep warm tone that this amp has.The controls are simple to use on stage if u need to change something before a gig and the amp is a perfect practice amp to it has a trim knob that lets you measure how much volume u need.the noise gate and compression on this amp are really good to.The Fender Cyber Deluxe is deffinately worth each penny.

What i don't like about the cyber deluxe was that it should have included two speakers for stereo amplification.Actualy thats my only beef with this amp other then that its great!

the cyber deluxe has one 12 inch celestion speaker which sounds awesome.It doesnt have casters the would have been an improvment.the amp can also withstand sopme falls my amp fell from my table which is like two feet high and it still works normal.

This amp is deffinately worth every dollar it is th e best thing to get instead of buying a thousand dollar tube amp u can get the same tones with extra features for only 700$.

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