Fender Cyber Deluxe
Fender Cyber Deluxe

Cyber Deluxe, Modelling Combo Guitar Amp from Fender in the Cyber series.

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Berzin 01/22/2006

Fender Cyber Deluxe : Berzin's user review


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This is a modeling amp with integrated effect section. The power is 65 watts. It is equipped with a hp twelve inches. We have a variety of settings including: 3-band EQ, gain, volume, master volume, entry-level choice of the modeled amp, save settings etc. .. The connection is very full, especially with an emulator hp stereo output, the possibility to connect another amp to get sound in stereo. An entry and exit south. However, I regret the absence of speaker output. The weight is still very reasonable (about twenty kilograms). It has a tuner whose effectiveness is not absolute, but helps out.


Despite numerous commands, usage is simple and intuitive. You panic a little during the first five minutes and then everything is fine. However, the possibilities are immense. We can save a large number of very different sounds, from clean "tube amp fifties" in its "stack high gain modern" and even save them to a computer. In a pressure foot, you change your sound universe and that's really sensational. For its part, the manual is very detailed and once is unusual in French. The digital display allows for fine adjustments. The output of hp with emulator allows you to recycle the sound without putting a microphone in front of the HP, which is always dangerous on the smaller stages (one through the micro hp, it hurts).


I used this amp with several guitars: Les Paul Standard, Start Plus, dot ES 335, Variax 500. Each time, I am very happy with the sound. I do not pretend that it is better than a tube amp, but found the sound without spending two hours working out with a noise level not too high and we have no lamps to change (which is very expensive when you have a Vox or Mesa lamps at 12-13). The sounds are of high quality and it would take too long to detail all of them. Note only that the amp delivers beautiful harmonics. In terms of effects, the reverberations are splendid. They transform the sound color. Other effects are good (chorus, tremolo, phaser ...) However, the manual is not worth wha a real wah pedal and the machine is very noisy: it looks like a duck that sings. The compressor and noise gate complete this outfit complete. The sounds of plants are too demonstrative for use on stage. Better to make his own recordings. One regret, however, when playing at high volume, sound becomes less clear, especially in saturation, it is very correct, but I think a decision to add a HP would have solved this little problem.


J'ulise this amp for 3 years and I still have two years warranty ... is noteworthy. I think it is a good alternative to cyber twin, more efficient, but also heavier and bulky. It is without doubt the best amp I had. It offers tremendous opportunities for a limited size, ease of maintenance and utilistation zero (no lights). He convinced me of the benefits of modeling. Maybe we will say it does not imitate to perfection particular amp, but it is not important: it offers modern and classical sounds great qualities and it was most needed to walk with ten pedals and all adapters and cables. The value for money is convincing, especially as this last fall.