Hughes & Kettner zenAmp Combo
Hughes & Kettner zenAmp Combo

zenAmp Combo, Modelling Combo Guitar Amp from Hughes & Kettner in the ZenTera series.

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jacobjackattack 09/15/2005

Hughes & Kettner zenAmp Combo : jacobjackattack's user review


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- Combo 2 * 60 watts, HP 2vrais: Celestion Vintage 30 and rockdriver (one team or the box mesa engl) the other Warp 7.
- Modlisation 11-amp with acoustic h'nK amp, roland JC 120, fender bassman, tweed, vox ac 30 '(normal and Treeble boost), original amp Designed by Eng H'nK (trs boostable good sound for a big sound), marshall plexi 50, 100w, 800 hopt rod jcm, marshall jcm 2000 normal and boost Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier, warp 7
- Battery + 16 classic effects types of delays, only downside the lack of AC noise gate that in turn brings out the full extent of the guitar pickups (real way to get clean sounds with large distortion by reducing the volume or to play with a feedback is left contrlable trs)
- 5 memory used and more with a pdalier of CONTRL.
- For the owner of electro acoustic scratches be aware that Pipelines Limited to simulate an amp H'nK intended for them so it is possible to plug your guitar that is somewhat original and practical
- Stereo Effects loop with volume controlable
- Redbox 'HP H'nK intgre simulator for recording in Stereo.
- Headphone output but its crap.
- 3-band active EQ + prsence
- Master gnral + CONTRL volume of patch

At least everything is no need to carry around with various lments spars and all connections that go with it.


There's just plug the guitar, turn on and the possibilities are endless

For the LORD against this kind of pb gear is the lack of pdalier CONTL of which is sold by (which really .... Lles skin, is also valid in Line 6. I rsolu taking the bp pdalier Beringher fcb 1010 (100 E used)

Another black spot (which sometimes is not one for some) is the absence of more rglage prcis for Effects (RULES on the level of the effect and basta, but in 'ens bp is not effective).

I use it at home in my room and down volume RPET half, the power is in the Stereo at that. In fact, I have noticed that the sound gaining momentum more it is pushed, the DSP used for Systm modlisation is also defined mulate each floor of amplification of amplifier lamps, o This may be phnomne.


I play a little bit of everything: the metal (bcp), rock, blues and trip a little more noise, so versatility is a must so it is in that IDAL. Is there a way to do everything with. I'm not going to make an inventory of all the possible sounds it would be long and tedious. I will confine those I prfre.

The clean sounds are sincrement stunning, including a couple that JC roland chorus Stereo allows you to type in DLIR is jazzy and even more metal sound (sound of James Heitfield). Bcp warmer fender and the vox are not left out, and whatever it is tjs possible to connect your guitar acoustic bnficiant effects incorporated.

The crunch is not bad, but not a big fan n'tant I can not speak, I know I dj surprised to find the sound of Hendrix Plexi 50W simulation with a single scratch coil (neck microphone) and a slightly retro effect Fawn phaser lightweight.

Time to distos.Selon me the distortion of the mesa is really well done (see the samples on the site H'n K) => big big sound, but my prfre remains one that is clean amp (Hot Californiat) is a lead that clean the Rapel Marshall JCM 800 and once with the booster effect Treeble boost or Tube sream can reach such a good registry metal (according gun's, Zakk Wylde, Slayer), and lowering the volume microphones are really ways to find a pure clean sound also sometimes I do not use my BPS pdalier, am I doing this and I disto any module with microphones my guitar.
Parcontre the modern marshall distortion are less powerful they are good but sound a little transistor.
The warp recess 7 is well done but I do not use it because it is full of too low and is not (the image of loriginal) trs own, I leave for a follower of death 'n core that are in need of rev (too) big sound.

I wish that prciser qualisation can make the most of each sound because it is really effective trs trs (mulate the objective of also the interaction of the amp knobs original) and often settle for a qualisation V is far from sufficient


It is a choice that I reffer without pb especially since the price drop. This is the best gear for those who know not what is their's or those who are in need of versatility, while having the pleasure of playing on a sturdy well-known brand and quality.

Indeed when you see the component in it (red box, HPcelestion Vintage 30) and when onregarde the current selling price is a bargain.

Regarding competition GoJ could compare it to line 6 spider, and those they are weak and prsence and the rest was the right couple of real true formulation, and as for the Flextone which is closer (the component quality and less, they are more expensive power dsormais bcp scabies). As against the vox seem fine but I could not compare, and they are even more expensive.