Line 6 Flextone III Plus
Line 6 Flextone III Plus

Flextone III Plus, Modelling Combo Guitar Amp from Line 6 in the Flextone series.

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maliou_1 12/31/2006

Line 6 Flextone III Plus : maliou_1's user review


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- Amp combo modlisation.
- 2 x 75 Watts + Custom Celestion Cabinet Loudspeaker output supplmentaire.
- Connection ultra complte:
XLR microphone jack with simulation of excellent quality (not the level knob indpendant to record without playing the baffle), between MIDI output to safeguard the memory + updates, RJ45 pdalier for Line 6, Loop in / out effect of the insert can be activated via pdalier.
- Pltor high quality effects (tremolo, delay, compression, chorus, Univibe, phaser, noise gate, reverb, rotary, etc. ...). Modlisation old pedals perfectly couraging all 36 Fully programmable memory!


- In a childish simplicity sounds dja factory are of good quality and it is very simple to find the sound for you in a few rounds of pots. Manuel trs clear and conization. Also on the site of Line 6 can be found all sounds made where it is necessary to sort all this is but child's play via the south is a rgal.


- I personally do rock plutt typ English, but, and this is the advantage of this amp, you can switch between the US british sound in a snap.
- I play with a Fender Stratocaster Mex Active and US Jazzmaster 62 '.
- I use a bunch of possibilities of the amp on diffrent component of my group of warm clear sound with a tremolo old school too serious a distortion through the Clean slamming funky chorus solo , etc ... and you just spend a minimum of time to record programs, personal I did by going rpt "with some modifications to my house.


I use it for 2 years, and what I like most about this amp is its ability to move from its other compltement diffrent and excellent quality in a pressure p Dali. The only small BMOL is that you push a little bit to really give it everything serious. But at the same time we achte not an amp to play one!
I try ps sickness MODEL lights before but I think you get to these MODELS trs certainly sound good but one sound. To get this versatility would have required me to pay a dozen pedals and I transplant three legs.
Relative price level qulit bah do the math if you were to buy just any effects ... I train on this amp scnes from caf concert at the Festival of 100 people outdoors with 2,000 people, and it sounds to say anything. The evidence I jou with a lot of fans of all lamps that have all told me the end of our concerts they have t his bluff by our (the other scratch my group plays also on Line6 Duoverb MODEL).
I would do if this choice? Obviously YES.
Besides, I buy the tatter MODEL 2 body Line 6.