Line 6 Flextone III
Line 6 Flextone III
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iamqman 07/09/2011

Line 6 Flextone III : iamqman's user review

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Line 6 is a money making outfit. They have successfully taken over the amp modeling world. They are a great company and make some fantastic products. I just cannot get into this amp modeling world.

I have played almost every type of unit that has come out by Line 6 and i always like their stompbox effects and there PODs for effects purposes but their amp modeling is just terrible. It is unnatural and just purely processed sounds. You cannot make a digital preset sound like a Bogner XTC or Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier. No amount of processing power can recreate those tones. It simply cannot be done.


Flextone III XL Features

32 Vetta-based amp models
12 Effects based on our award-winning stomp box modelers
16 Mix 'n' Match Speaker Cab options
Award-winning Point-to-Point modeling technology
2x12 touring quality cabinet
Powerful 150-watt stereo power amps
4 programmable amp channel memories
Stereo XLR direct outputs
MIDI compatibility allowing access to deep editing and the Tone Transfer library (coming soon)

Add an FBV Shortboard foot controller

Access to 36 Presets on Flextone
Dedicated, hands-free channel switches
Dedicated reverb and FX loop On/Off switches
Large name display
Wah / Volume pedal with toe switch On/Off
Expression pedal input for separate Volume control
Chromatic tuner
Program Patch Naming
Powered by the Flextone


Amp Models Based On*

’87 Roland JC-120
Hiwatt DR-103
’64 Fender Deluxe
’53 Fender Deluxe
’58 Fender Bassman
’63 Fender Vibroverb
’65 Blackface Fender Twin
Budda Twinmaster 2x12 Combo
’96 Matchless Chieftain
’02 Cornford mk50h
’63 Vox AC 30 with Top Boost
’61 Vox AC 15
’65 Marshall JTM-45
’68 Marshall Super Bass
’68 Marshall ‘Plexi’ Super Lead
’85 Marshall Silver Jubilee
’90 Marshall JCM-800
’00 Marshall TSL100
’01 Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier
’02 Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier
Soldano SLO-100 Head
Bogner Extacy
Gibson Explorer
Supro S6616

Cab Models Based On*

1x6 inch Supro
1x10 inch Gibson
1x12 inch Celestion Blue Bell
1x12 inch Fender '64 Deluxe
2x10 inch Fender Vibroverb
2x12 inch Fender Twin
2x12 inch Matchless
2x12 inch Roland JC-120
2x12 inch Vox '67 AC-30
4x10 inch Fender '58 Bassman
4x12 inch Marshall '67 Greenbacks 20
4x12 inch Marshall '68 Greenbacks 25
4x12 inch Marshall G70
4x12 inch Marshall V30
4x12 inch Mesa Boogie

This amp is one that has the power and versatility of the POD series units but in an amp form. You get basically all that the POD has but you can blast it through their speaker combo.

The only amp models that I like in this batch are the Soldano, Bogner, and Vox amps. The other ones sound thinner and metallic sounding. The vox amps can take effects well and so the tone is a little bit more tolerated. The Soldano and Bogner have so much gain that is kind of masks that you are playing a digital amp. You can't dial the processing out of it but this is a little bit more audibly pleasing. And of course the Mesa Boogies are thicker sounding but still thin in comparison to a real Dual or Triple Rectifier.


These amps have been discontinued and replaced by the Bogner series I believe or maybe the spider. Either way you have to go the used market route to get this amp. If you must own a modeling amp then I would looking into the PEavey series amps. They model their own amps and they sounds decent for digital. If you want all the different amp makers in one then this is the amp for that.