Line 6 Spider II 112
Line 6 Spider II 112

Spider II 112, Modelling Combo Guitar Amp from Line 6 in the Spider II series.

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denied 07/31/2011

Line 6 Spider II 112 : denied's user review

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- 75 watts
- Digital solid state
- 7 effects, three simultaneous
- 12 amp models
- Built in tuner
- 4 storable channels
- 1x12 Celestion speaker (Line 6 designed)


Not the greatest. On one hand you have some fun features. 12 different amp models, two each of clean, twang, blues, crunch, metal, and insane. You can save custom setting for 4 of these. The footswitch that comes with the amp scrolls through settings, so it can be a pain for live use – You constantly have to remember where you are in the chain. You can upgrade to a 4 button footswitch, but that’s more money you’re paying.
7 effects total, but you can only run 3 at once. You can tap in tempo, but not by footswitch.
My biggest gripewith this amp is reliability. About year or so in, mine failed completely. If you’re within range of a competent tech, it’s possible to bring back to life, but will cost you more than the amplifier in many cases.


And again, not great. Yes there are a full 12 different amp models. But none of them sound very good. It’s a basic modeling amp, but don’t expect 12 high quality options to chose from. Definitely zero playing response. The speaker isn’t the greatest, it really shouldn’t have the Celestion name on it, but is a selling point for Line 6. The effects are ok as a basic introduction, but nothing to write home about.
Another factor to note is that modeling amps don’t tend to take dirt pedals very well, you’ll usually end up with a handful of fizzy mush. Don’t even think about cranking that volume unless you’re looking for seriously ugly solid state clipping.


I would stay away from this one. Shoddy reliability, questionable tone, and usability concerns put the Spider 2 pretty low on my list. They could work pretty well for beginners who are just looking to familiarize themselves with different types of tone and effects. But in that camp I’d definitely recommend the Peavey Vypyr or Vox VT series. All in all, I was not impressed in the slightest, and will not be recommending this amp.