Line 6 Spider II 212
Line 6 Spider II 212

Spider II 212, Modelling Combo Guitar Amp from Line 6 in the Spider II series.

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Ffw_rude 05/09/2005

Line 6 Spider II 212 : Ffw_rude's user review


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A good amp out trs. 75W dual spitting a lot. The effects are correct. A counselor just to play metal. The others are not EMDU but are not quite clear. If you play on Fender Start amrico. Buy Fender Deluxe


The config is pretty fast and pretty simple to do. By attention to returns against the buttons. If you load a rglage with acute max and your button is in the mini ... You may have a problem if you turn the knob


I play with a personal ESP H-1000 on it .... Ba with the distortion you feel that the EMG-81 pulvrise all. As against the clean sound is not right but the EMG-81 trs n'tant not versatile I think it is rather the guitar.


The amp is used in metal. To avoid the blues or jazz. A nag amp for a price widely affordable. Sure it has nothing to do with a Marshall AVT 100 but it's even a bomb