Line 6 Spider II 212
Line 6 Spider II 212

Spider II 212, Modelling Combo Guitar Amp from Line 6 in the Spider II series.

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charlje 04/12/2005

Line 6 Spider II 212 : charlje's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
I will spend all dtails techniques are sufficient, I will just make comments from what I encountered with this amp that I have for a year now stack hair. I'm pretty happy with my purchase, and I'm sorry, I do not think you can do better for the same price or so can be on occasion.


Premier regret over the fist place, as any The series should be well suited for smaller MODELS, but this amp is really not the practice, two grips on cots in recess, the type of what is found on t baffles would welcome. The amount down switch is not really practical either, they could have provided the original switch 4 button, the two buttons is a real gadget, makes it go up and down on the patches, so when you want to go the 1 to 3, ben c is not easy unless you are agile with his foot, advice for dancers.
Programming is pretty easy and I have not had any problems save my presets / hack, c is rather nice. The factory presets are rather crappy, it's a shame to have to go through them every time that we change the combination of amp and effects must be turning Office installation.
It takes quite hack to get sound and identify the limits of modlisations, you can reach things right, but not directly, that being said, I do not think there's any hardware to the


This amp suits me now, as it is given mainly to play in my room. I explain, he rvl rather bad for group play, the sound loses its precision, a drooling desire for all types of sound and legalization (j hear him coming: gna you put too much bass and treble lol, no no), but it's better than the rest that I tried in this range, such as the Marshall MG SERIES is truly despicable.
Trs good sound to play in his room. The clean sounds can be so quasiparfaits rgls, hsiter not get sound "clear" by lowering the drives in the basic presets for the sound not clear the base.

PS: The effects are pretty gadgets, and all the APRS pramp place, making it difficult to qualify in his plaant pedals before the amp, the delay is nanmoins friendly apprcie j tap tempo, and the reverb is pretty nice but not natural trs.

PS 2: the amp is open the back, I wonder if a year is not due to loss of precision high volume ... (If a qqun an indication the subject;))


I use it for a year as prcdemment said, and used few times as a group.
I love its sound and make it a versatile tool IDAL to work at home, in case the big amp lamp is local and the line 6 rpt home, by example.
I tried all models in this price range and above, trying the same occasion the heads and Mesa Dual Rectifier Marshall JCM, we can not really be equivalent to that with this amp what we say .
If the goal is not to make scne 50 times a year, then this amp is because of excellent quality price. I do not regret my choice, even if I accept the default and I did not put 10/10