Peavey Vypyr 30
Peavey Vypyr 30
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benoi31 06/04/2014

Peavey Vypyr 30 : benoi31's user review

«  Bluesmen and rockers AC / DC, careful »

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Full transistor. All connectors / connections imaginable ...


I'm pretty plug and play, and here I must admit that the settings sessions quickly turned into a nightmare ...

Too many options, too many possible settings, we lost very quickly ... Especially when you are a beginner (which is rather address this amp), and we do not have the necessary references to what comprendres amps / pedals and emulated their characteristics ... typical example, the MOG or squeeze, whose exotic names have been quick to lose a beginner!

Well, after that remains personal, if you like to take your head with the settings and spend time looking for a specific sound, have fun!


So now, the problem is very simple: lack of dynamics.

The clean sound is good, the distorted sound very good too, but in the middle it's hard.
Crunches are sooooo sooooo soft, it is very hard to play blues / classic rock to AC / DC over the sounds emulated in these categories are not good enough.

This is particularly unfortunate in view of the quality of light and very distorted.

To play blues and rock, it's not good, it would be better to refer you to another amp. To play metal / funk and other sounds clear, it is more than enough to get started!


I had this amp long enough before acquiring a vox lil night train lights.

Already level settings, it is not complex, but it can take hours before arriving to settle for the sound you want. There are so many options (can take up to four effects simultaneously if there are delay and reverb, EQ, gain ... etc) that is lost very quickly.

If we summarize, here is my review with positive / negative points:

- Price
- Clean sounds are tops! Seriously, the first simulation is really good, you can really enjoy clear, with a good reverb is a treat.
- Large distortions are also very good, hard rock / metal go very well on this amp

- The major problem is the lack of dynamics, including crunch, very common on the amp modeling, and this one is no exception. I was very disappointed with that side of the amp, impossible to have a crunch AC / DC / classic rock blues /. The pedals will not change anything, the sound is soft and difficult to use for this kind of music.

I have trouble putting it badly because if you want an amp for metal / clear, with lots of settings and options, at this price is just unbeatable