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Jerdl 09/16/2011

Peavey Vypyr 75 : Jerdl's user review

« More than honorable »

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Value For Money : Excellent
The Vypyr 75 is a modeling amp 75Watts. Level connectivity, Front:
-Jack input for guitar
Auxiliary-input to import an electronic metronome or backing track
-Headphone output to listen with headphones (the HP Bypass)

At the rear, there are twelve one can take a strange ... which is simply a MIDI manufacturer (malheuresement. ..) to connect the pedal to the amp Samper, optional.

The amp has a HP 12 "Blue Marvel. Personally it is more than respectable, provide for those who work on land that is not wood or who want more low frequency during their tour in a board Walnut (in the area you prefer) because the event is not at all covered.

Level settings, there is food and drink, but in the overall effects are very honorable, I come back later. As against a missing Loop, available only with the pedal Samper.


The configuration is clearly not easy for a beginner if you do not shop for someone to show you how it works: in fact there a lot of adjusting knobs (10 exactly) some of which are "clickable" to access has options such as setting StompBox (The simulations of effects pre-amp) or passage Clean / Lead. But after hours pass, we understand how it works.

For the manual, prefer English, flee the French version of Google-based translation, however only in pdf.

In terms of sound, it is the same. It's a modeling amp, it can not be ultra easy to configure what ... but its being done.


I use an Ibanez RG Prestige 2620 equipped with Dimarzio. Clearly intended for the metal, it can be used as a can and other Vintage crunch, the Clean is not too bad but hey, it's not excellent.

Playing Opeth, From experimental and other Satriani, the amp is perfect. Lead channels, even though they may look a all, offers a good definition throughout. The cleans are a bit down personally. But overall, it is generally good.

The amp has two modes of stacking effects, Ormis Reverb and Delay are separated and used simultaneously with the other two effects (and that's pretty good):

A pre-amplifier mode, which simulates a StompBox effects pedal Effect very well transcribed, Auto Wah, Flanger, Phaser, Chorus, Fuzz ... all parameters.

A-mode on top after the simulation of the sound, and therefore much less convincing, except maybe the rotary speaker, and other effects such as Octaver and Pitch Shifter. Be aware that this mode allows to use the effects pedal: Pitch Shifter mode, the pedal can work as an effects pedal. This is also where you will find the Looper.

There are two modifier volume, pre-gain and post gain. Post a gain for refining the main volume knob, which you can quickly break down a drum if you have the misfortune to think once want to test the amp up, ie 13/13 (yes, 13 positions !). The 75 watts you will feel them. I think that 3 / 10 you should easily exceed 80dB in a room of 30m ². No worries about sound to a room or outdoors.

There is also Powerpong function, which simulates more or less a tube amp. It filled his role more or less, I personally put it at 100%, if I fall I find the sound rather flat.

And the gate? Bah ... Y 'is not (it is already included passively in the amp but I must say that even if it is not transcendent, the background noise is relatively muted.


I've had two years now, and I am sure.

Caution still the default software and pure hardware, such as from the output Headphone sound comes out very average, the ultra annoying bugs that occur randomly and when you turn the amp (stuck on one mode) even though it can often happen.

I tested a micro cube before, but ... wanting more diversity and not having a well defined line at the base, I do not regret the choice.

Plus: The big bank model, the effects of quality StompBox, the Reverb and Delay that are also quality, optional pedal board I strongly Samper.

The least: The software bugs during startup of the same amp, Headphone output, which prohibits more or less recording via computer music jack 3.5 ... out the microphone in front of the amp! Complexity to set the amp at first.

Otherwise, at this price, you'd think that modeling is honorable for an amp. Add to that the effects like Flanger StompBox or phases that are quality and you have an amp / effects with a very good value for money, as long as you want to skip if you do computer music no microphone recorder.