Roland Blues Cube BC-30 210
Roland Blues Cube BC-30 210

Blues Cube BC-30 210, Modelling Combo Guitar Amp from Roland in the Blues Cube series.

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MGR/Bluesman Dan 08/11/2002

Roland Blues Cube BC-30 210 : MGR/Bluesman Dan's user review

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I acquired this amp off of musician friends for nice price off 200 dollars. I was looking for something to play the blues with for a reasonable price, and the bluescube was it.

I like the fact that it has 2 channels, one the clean channel and one with pre-volume and a post-volume. Turn up the pre for a little gain and post to even it out. I turn the pre to about half of what the post is at. Killer blues sound right there!

It is 30 watts and i was playing with a band down the street the other day and i had it cranking and it was pushing it there. Although it is nice for little stuff and playing in the basement with your friends. It is also solid state but when you crank it up it gets that warm tube sound. It also doesn't have reverb but does have a presence knob.

This amp was built with great quality and has never had any problems.

Bluescube says it all. It is a great amp for the blues and probably jazz and country. If you're gonna play heavy metal you may as well by another amp or get a pedal. Over all it is a really nice amp.

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