Roland Cube-80XL
Roland Cube-80XL

Cube-80XL, Modelling Combo Guitar Amp from Roland in the Cube series.

mlptictac 10/31/2012

Roland Cube-80XL : mlptictac's user review

«  Perfect for small stage or répéts »

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Amp transistor modeling with
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The configuration is simple. The manual is clear. You can save up to 4 different configurations.
I struggled to find a good sound, but I fear that this is more my fault than the product.
It is essential to use footswitch when we want to use the looper or change preset concert (personally, I am made one because I find it too expensive to buy 3 dobles switch + cables).
Some effects are difficult or impossible to live.


Well suited to my style of music.
I like the clean sound, the dynamic amp.
I do not like the preset Extreme (not my style) and simulation acoustic guitar (not sure).
It's still modeling so it's not bad but it is not the sound that kills either.
For cons, I use it sparingly because it adds reverb sounds quickly a little weird.
I use a Squier Telecaster.


I use it for 2 years. I did some concerts outdoors or in a theater. Power is quite satisfactory. At the moment we have no battery but the bassist plays hard and is always hears no need to dub the sound.
Output or headphone sound degrades sound and contains a lot of breath (unsuitable for transplant).
The looper is nice although a little hard to use in concert (must be specific to the pedal).
The beast is quite heavy to move but still compact compared to the power.
I'm happy with my choice, especially as I had for the price of its predecessor (80X).