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bobo le tos 05/16/2005

Vox AD30VT : bobo le tos's user review


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Bon bah for the super dtail CHARACTERISTICS see below just once it has great DCRI, transistor amplifier with a small lamp even when, made the difference.
30 W, well, my Ailleux for 30 w brought down the teeth, I tell you me, it makes easy I think the guy 50.
easy connection, input for the guitar, a headphone jack (that can be used to connect to the computer or something like it, convenient to register!) with a footswitch jack (optional RAAA!)
The settings are fairly intuitive, but really all connatre matriser and any property we have to go through the manual, in any case, it is well provided plenty of stuff to do it was on!


The coufig is simple, you can quickly find a good sound, but to be picky there osi koi.
the manual is screwed, they explain not tro bad things and you get a great sound!


Then ... a must ... I play with a ibanez 120's, and Ben has done ... it is really versatile! vox made the synthesis of knowledge and technology!
you can get a clean sound hot mmmm
a little crunch with crispy bite. rock a little more is even better.
there are a variety of distortions, and I can not do without it, the sound is really hell, when you turn knobs ls that is a real rgal, compared to other concurrently the m Photo prices are pa me !!!!! good for heavy distortion pa is bad either, but it's not that we just look for the big sound while bold. trs trs crystalline gnial versatile it is and it is super powerful! el frankly all the world should Arachis! if you can try a cot you will see the other picture is pa! it's a great amp! (Vox has a home hihihiii). rock'n roll!
the effects are really not bad, I stuff with Discoveries. if you can dgoter FSwitch ba is a way to have fun with pdt pieces, like a true multi purpose koi! and drummer, but he types vox win!!


I use it for three months, and I immediately find a little more each day.
well the rock crunch and many are great, plus they are "clean" IOLs do pa drafts, ac is gnial! one would really have the lamp for 300 euros!!
yes I tried many before and I MODEL hsit no longer against the peavay and Roland and co.
The report price is bttn quality, the best for now, versatility, power, its gnial for that price, by Student Reports in others it has everything a great! ank it a little to make known, in addition it is rcent! go for it!
with exprience, I will do without hsiter choice! I also think that my next amp will be the same but with more power !!!!!!!