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GlYcErIn 01/30/2005

Vox AD60VTX : GlYcErIn's user review


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The power is in 8ohms 60W (according to the manual) well the technical side I think is interesting or not but I can tell you that it spits out well. In addition you can choose to back the delivered power (1W, 15W, 30W, 60W) so this amp can be found in the room as full-concert, is just one knob to turn.
Otherwise level connections are as it were in the manual:
As input: 1 x LOOP RETURN
As Outputs: 1 x LOOP SEND

Then it will level adjustment is so easy are the knobs on top of the amp. It has 16 amps and very well modeled. In effect we drive 10 effects, 5 effects of modulation, 3 delay, 3 reverbs and a Noise Reductor.
Then there are 32 factory presets that are really not bad when you start to handle the beast. Good to be honest and simply put, the amp is very complete: you plug the guitar, it is 2-3 settings and it's good we can do fart "I Do not Know" Ozzy and the to Zakk Wylde. The 10/10 is therefore justified.


The manual is, as said in previous opinions, excellent. It is thou, the guys realize that what interests us is to play and not talk about technique. They talk a bit anyway but it really is not boring.


The configuration is highly intuitive, we have the knobs on top of the amp is turned and it's good. The resulting sound is very realistic, very hot, I will like to see people who criticize the model. I hesitated between the Orange and Vox but good versatility, the VOX kills everything.


I use this amp for a week (but hey there is between the boarding so ....). What I love most about this amp is the spirit that first gave VOX through the manual and then they make fun of us really do: the amp handles everything. As against the only problem is the pedals. I cleaned the toilets to pay me this amp and I do not want to go back and pay me the pedals (300 Roros it hurts). Good over there not a legend in the hands but hey we gain flexibility. I tried a few amps before and there was just arriving at the Orange level. The price / quality ratio is very good. With experience I think I would do good but this choice can be as barter in a while when I really found the sound I want and get my real rig ....
Its level, as said before, it's really quality. Personal I play with a Epiphone Les Paul Custom and it's going, it manages. Well I hope soon to have my Flying V and my ES-335 to get more. But already just like that, it runs too ....
To the sounds of all were obtained (normal is modeling).