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Line 6 DT25 Series

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Line 6 DT25 Head
News Line 6 DT25 Head

Modelling Guitar Amp Head from Line 6 belonging to the DT series

Line 6 just shipped the DT25 family of amplifiers, which includes DT25 112 Combo, DT25 Head, DT25 112 Extension Cab.

The new 25W/10W tube amps were designed by amp designer Reinhold Bogner and HD modeling technology from Line 6.


The new amplifiers provide guitarists with four guitar amp voicings, or sonic signatures: American clean, British crunch, Class A chime and modern high-gain. Each voicing is a combination of negative feedback loop topology and HD preamp and tone stack modeling.  Add to that the reconfigurable operating class (Class AB/25 Watts/Fixed Bias or Class A/10 Watts/Cathode Biased) and power tube mode (Pentode or Triode) and guitarists can dial in vintage tones or customized originals of their own creation.


Both channels are independent – not “clean” or “dirty” – and any configuration of voicing, operating class and power tube mode can be dialled in to either channel. A flick of the A/B switch (or a tap of a latching footswitch) is capable of causing analogue and digital transformation.


DT25 amplifiers feature L6 LINK jacks for connection to Line 6 POD HD multi-effect processors. When connected, the POD HD adds effects, additional amp voicings, foot control and scalability (including stereo operation with multiple DT25 amplifiers). The amplifiers’ back panels also feature MIDI I/O, a serial effect loop, multiple speaker outs and a direct out with cabinet simulation.


DT25 amplifiers feature one 12AX7 and two EL84 tubes, custom-voiced Celestion G12H90 speakers, and modeled spring reverb with individual level control per channel.



  • DT25 112 Combo – £669.99 MSRP inc VAT
  • DT25 Head – £599.99 MSRP inc VAT
  • DT25 112 Extension Cab – £199.99 MSRP inc VAT


Learn more about DT25 at uk.line6.com/dt25.

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