Line 6 Spider Valve HD100
Line 6 Spider Valve HD100

Spider Valve HD100, Modelling Guitar Amp Head from Line 6 in the Spider Valve series.

Mattfig 06/21/2012

Line 6 Spider Valve HD100 : Mattfig's user review

« Half way there »

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This is a hybrid of tube power and digital preamp...


100W Class AB tube amp through (2) 12AX7 preamp tubes and (4) 6L6 power tubes
12 dialed in amp models (channel voices) that deliver a complete tonal range from shimmering clean to insane grind
7 Smart Control FX (up to 3 simultaneous) including Tape Echo, Sweep Echo, Standard Delay (all with Tap Tempo) Chorus/Flanger, Phaser, Tremolo, and Reverb
Built-in front panel tuner
36 user programmable channels
300+ artist created presets covering the greatest guitar tones of all time
POD® XLR direct out for studio direct tone
Compatible with FBV2, FBV Express and FBV Shortboard foot controllers
Single and dual 1/4" speaker output jacks for connection to auxiliary cabinets (4, 8 or 16 ohms)
1/4" power amp input jack for POD® amp and effect modelers

This amp is built tough and sounds pretty ok...


A good sound? Not really...I'm a tube purist and this amp is only half way there...The digital preamps are buzzy, non-dynamic , and quite sterile...I don't like them at all nor do I find them to be faithful replicas of the amps they're modeling....Just a gimmick...

It's loud and simple to use...The presets blow but the sounds are the reason, not the presets...The FX are wet and cheap sounding....Sorry Line 6, I love most of your stuff but this one was a letdown....It just sounded like a POD through a tube power amp...Not good...Gotta get that POD out!

It's not even a good practice amp as it's loud and tubes like to be pushed...This whole amp is pretty much a great idea but junk product...


WIth every guitar the results were the same...Crap....

Single coils were so ice-picky that it couldn't be dialed out without removing the entire top end...The lows are good and deep but not "strong" sounding...They're more resonant than punchy....

The presets can't save the bad tone from the preamps...They are all bad...It can be tolerable in a few settings but never good...

The EQ is ok as there is no saving the tone...The whole amp needs a makeover- the EQ can't fix it...


I thought it was cool that Bogner was tied to this one...But his section is ruined by Line 6's proprietary crap tone...The Marshall and Mesa tones were passable if you are tone deaf...The cleans are about the only worthwhile feature and they are not great themselves...

I tried many many amps....I own many many amps...I really wanted this to replace the fleet...But...

Not even close....I flipped it within a week....