PatriceJ2 11/30/2006

Rocktron Prophesy : PatriceJ2's user review


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I have a Diezel amp lamps which is itself quip Midi connection. The chanage with Prophesy allows me to call the sound instantly. I also use the Prophesy to record with my computer.


For me one of the big advantages of Prophesy Access in rglages it is really easy since potentiomtres are assigned various functions. Another big advantage is in computer music, it is controlled via a PC interface, which means that produces its sound from your computer.
Franais the manual is complete.


The must-have this rack and the system Ducker Delay, it allows the effect cho attnuer when playing, which is that soon the slurry against by ds we arr you play the cho regains its full volume. Once we tried this Systm you can not do without.

Trs is full so you will find the sounds you want. It is with HP and stro simulator can be used directly to record on the computer (I use Cubase).

The only criticism I have this rack is the power that is spare, I prfre as the TC for example, a power intgre this fast d have something more to carry around ....


It is expensive but full, I've had two years and I can not do without.