Sensomusic Usine 5
Sensomusic Usine 5

Usine 5, Modular sequencer from Sensomusic.

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mrpessoa 07/26/2011

Sensomusic Usine 5 : mrpessoa's user review

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Audience: Beginners
Easy installation: unzip it and it launches.

General config like other daw, and less scattered and perhaps more synthetic (I compare to my Cubase 6).

No incompatibilities. For cons, the file should not be read-only, and I run it in administrator mode, otherwise plant does not work perfectly.

Clear and comprehensive manual in English, clear and sufficient in French. Note: The community is incredibly responsive! As soon as you have a problem, which we post on FA or on the website of Sensomusic, very quickly we get an effective response to get out!

7 64-bit Windows PC, i5 2.5 GHz, 12 GB RAM, 2 dd 1 TB 7200 rpm.
Note: Factory works great as 64 bits, but for now it launches the 32-bit VST.

Overall, everything works well and stably. I plant the last few weeks: the few concerns I have are quickly resolved thanks to information from the community.

I use plant for several weeks.

Factory before, I tried a lot of DAW, but it is especially Cubase that I know well.

What I like least about Factory: startup can be quite hard on a modular software. There is an adjustment period, at least for beginners like myself.

What I like about plant: it seems that one can do anything. The software is brilliantly designed. Once the spirit of assimilated plant is endless fun to design and refine its patches. I can not wait to get to know all the modules to make all my ideas of computer music.

Amazing value for money. When we see that pro workstations can cost more than 5 times more for stability and usability far less well thought ...

I do it again this election, yes!