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[Musikmesse] Auralex Sonosuede

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Auralex Sonosuede
News Auralex Sonosuede

Material For Modular Sound Isolation from Auralex

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Auralex Acoustics Showcases Sonosuede System At Musikmesse 2008.

As Auralex explains, Sonosuede is a highly decorative and complete do-it-yourself room treatment system designed for professional and home recording studios, and the SonoSuede System’s distinctive design is a cost-effective solution that tames first reflections and low-frequency anomalies. They also say that the system’s unique mounting blocks provide superior acoustic and exceptional aesthetic benefits.

The SonoSuede System consistsof the HT and Pro models. The SonoSuede Pro System features four 16"x48“x2” thick back-beveled panels predominantly used for corner trapping, and eight 16"x48“x1” rectangular-shaped back-beveled panels for a total of 64 square feet. The SonoSuede HT System consists of four 16"x48“x2” thick back-beveled panels and eight trapezoidal-shaped square-edge panels 16"×48"×1", for a total of 54 square feet.

“The SonoSuede System provides a cost-effective solution that will satisfy professionals and hobbyists alike, ” says Dave Paxton, director of operations for Auralex Acoustics. “We have been able to meet the demands of professional-level acoustics for optimal sound recording, while catering to the evolving audio and video home theater market with this unique multifunctional SonoSuede System. Its synthetic suede fabric provides the acoustical transparency and visual allure that are critical in today’s home theater and professional studio applications.”

Priced at $1,399 (USD) suggested retail, $1,199 MAP (USD), either SonoSuede System is available in the following stock color combinations: black/red and black/tan. Other color combinations are available as custom orders.

For more information, visit their web site at www.auralex.com.
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