Colsound Pack ST415
Colsound Pack ST415
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anna-lyse 07/03/2013

Colsound Pack ST415 : anna-lyse's user review

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Value For Money : Poor
I had bought this product and after a short video posted by AF few months ago on the acoustic treatment of a home studio, with the expertise of a guy from Colsound and interview with the head in the manufacturing acoustical tiles.

I chose this brand over another because the prices seemed lower (I say "lower" because in the end I think it is very expensive for what it is).
My opinion does not regard the effectiveness of the product because I find it too difficult, uncertain and subjective to give.

I'm posting this review just to warn you of something that is not specified on the site and Colsound greatly cooled me:


This means that each small triangle foam is to stick one by one on a thin plate (also foam) covered with double sided tape! It's long, tedious (it fits more skin than the foam!) And the final result is not as small triangles nickel foam does not have a perfectly square base, which one finds oneself with small differences in places between two triangles.

At first I told myself that this was the way to reduce congestion for shipping. But NO! After assembling the blocks, I realized that there were way to follow suit perfectly into each other without loss of space!

Another negative: the foam is quite fragile so we quick to tear if you want to reposition a poorly glued triangle.

In the end, I'm pretty disappointed because I feel I have been cheated a bit on the merchandise.
In short, if the college you were not a fan of current EMT (Manual and Technical Education) and the workshop collage packs you do no more than that, go your way!