Colsound Pack ST415
Colsound Pack ST415
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Vincedezel 09/07/2013

Colsound Pack ST415 : Vincedezel's user review

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Hello everyone,

So purchased a year ago already, I wanted to improve a bit the sound of my music has little near 15 sqm. It is the first anti flutter system I use.

Since it is in place I noticed an improvement in sound quality, especially when I play the drums and I tap on the cymbals, the sound generated is much more accurate, more detailed level of listening on pregnant you feel better that is true, but less clear.

What I like most is the ease of implementation, for my part silicone that has not changed one iota, plus it weighs nothing so outstretched arm ceiling not wear it.
At the very least I would say I think it's big mouth foutage having to pay assembly system. I explain on their website and the pictures are at the reception desks think it will have this head there and we will move quickly to pose ... Off! be aware that the product is delivered in kit! a square base foam 10 mm thick and all inclined pads that will have adhered to the base using double face present on the underside of the pads! .....

Already foam to price ... it stings buttocks ... but then have to pay the pseudo mounting stuff there, I perso that make me downright trunk ... Especially for a result "OK" but no frills.
In short, if I had bought another anti flutter I expect to have more rounds to buy a real system with real results ;-)