the t.akustik Noppenschaumstoff
the t.akustik Noppenschaumstoff

Noppenschaumstoff, Material For Modular Sound Isolation from the t.akustik.

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JoneSmice 08/04/2005

the t.akustik Noppenschaumstoff : JoneSmice's user review


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I use it for 1 year ...

What I like most is the price (€ 10 per m2!)

What I like least is that does not give us the graph 'of absorption ... It would allow to study sound more serious and not based on the approximation!

I've dealt with other acoustic foam (in various studios) but I will admit that I can not tell the difference in quality between two acoustic foam ear and without the graph 'of absorption !
If someone gets there, he will have my eternal respect!

The first time I purchased this product is to try to "break the reverb" was in my closet where I am unfortunately obliged to post my mix (see my profile).
I tell you frankly that I did not believe at all, but I tried anyway, telling me that I will put much else ...
Cork there was nothing, wallpaper insulation either (I told you mom, should not believe the seller!)
And there, big surprise: it worked! And even ...

I have since bought more (5 total) that I will put on the ceiling, because I have a ceiling height of 2.1 m, which is relatively ...

I see all recommend this product as cheap and far more effective than egg cartons! *** It's less chi, expensive and more efficient. Less flammable as I think, although I am not persuaded that the fire resistance of these foams are its greatest asset!

For the sake of economy, I think the "real" sound of my future "real" studio will be made with these foams poluréthane as well as other treatments in DIY.

Quality / price ratio amazing.