Samson Technologies C-control

C-control, Monitor Controller from Samson Technologies in the C Class series.

victormelamade 10/19/2008

Samson Technologies C-control : victormelamade's user review


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I got this controller a while ago before I eventually upgraded to the Mackie Big Knob. Overall, it is really not so bad of a product. The price is really great, and since it does a lot of different things reasonably well it is of course a good value for the budget minded. This Samson C-Control new is less than 1/3 the price of the Mackie controller, for reference. Basically this lets you control a lot of functions with your DAW setup with hands on knobs and buttons that you otherwise wouldn't be able to do. If you have more than one set of speakers that you'd like to use for mixing and switching between, that becomes a breeze with this piece of gear - even if you only have one output on your sound card. So while normally you'd have to get in the back and switch around cables when you wanted to get a different mix perspective, just plug your main outs into this box, and plug both speakers into it. Then speaker switching is as simple as pressing a button. The box also can do talkback and listenback. You can adjust the levels of each which is nice. There is a volume control for both sets of speakers, in case the speakers themselves don't have their own volume control as is true for a lot of studio monitors. You can also hook up headphones, so this will give you an additional output in that way. There are 3 speaker sets you can use, and a level meter to make sure you are not clipping on any of them. Also you get nice functionality like summing the mix to mono to hear how it would sound on TV or a junky radio. You can also dim the mix, which will turn it down by a set amount in case you need to talk in the studio more audibly. All the audio connections are 1/4" cables. This is a nice box and a lot of features for the money, but unfortunately you can tell there is some audio degradation when you run your signals through it. Things get added noise and it seems like something weird happens to the highs. So I wouldn't recommend it to a professional but maybe a novice who wouldn't notice those things anyway.