Digidesign Pro Control
Digidesign Pro Control

Pro Control, Motorized MIDI Control Surface from Digidesign.

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moosers 03/14/2009

Digidesign Pro Control : moosers's user review


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The Digidesign Pro Control is a motorized MIDI based control surface for use with Pro Tools systems. There are eight faders, but you can scroll through for as many tracks as you might have. Let me start off by saying that the Pro Control has a ton of features to them, a lot of which I have never delved into, simply because I feel I don't need to use the controller for everything. However, what I have used on this controller, I have found to be quite useful and convenient. It makes it easy to mix, as I like the feel of the faders, and the programmable knobs come in quite handy as well. The metering system is really nice and helpful when getting levels. Since the Pro Control doesn't have pre amps, and it is simply a MIDI controller, this is by no means an essential piece to your digital audio workspace. It is convenient and a lot of people like the feel of real faders and knobs, and makes it possible to not have to just mix and do everything inside the box. The price of one of these isn't all that expensive, but isn't a bargain by any means. I think another reason a lot of people like having something like this is to impress the clients! If you go to a studio that has just a computer and no board, it simply doesn't look as convincing. This definitely does everything it advertises and is nice luxury to have, but isn't essential to the home studio owner. I would also recommend the Mackie Control 8 and HUI, the Tascam US2400, as well as the other control surfaces that Digidesign has to offer. All in all, the Pro Control is a well made product that is definitely worth a look for those interested in control surfaces.