Euphonix MC Control
Euphonix MC Control

MC Control, Motorized MIDI Control Surface from Euphonix in the Artist series.

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blackle 10/15/2011

Euphonix MC Control : blackle's user review


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Control surface ergonomics study that can be completed by the Euphonix MC mix. Of great versatility it is very pleasant to use. The many and various shortcuts are possible in cubase terribly practical. Access to this interface are designed to make life easier for nontechnical users, I find that on this point Euphonix did a great job for the delight of the musicians.
Macros are simple to make, automation settings is particularly neat and intuitive, even when I make my blond I always find a way to get out alone, and as a big girl please:)
As with the MC mix, I admit that for the moment I do not use the beast to 100%, but it allows me to work in a simple and effective and why it is great! It is not perfect either, but like the MC mix, it can also work in peace. If like me, you use a control surface at home, in your cozy little nest that also serves as home studio, he must take care not to buy anything but this tool as great as pretty to watch. Now as my husband, if it is for heavy use in a professional is a different story.

Sarah a blonde musician literally as figuratively sometimes:)