Frontier Design Group AlphaTrack

AlphaTrack, Motorized MIDI Control Surface from Frontier Design Group.

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SampleHunter 06/14/2007

Frontier Design Group AlphaTrack : SampleHunter's user review


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Here are my impressions APRS a ten day test.

For CHARACTERISTICS, I refer Previous notice.
The ergonomics are well thought out, the case, although any plastic, is very well finished and nicely design. The touch of the fader is enjoyable trs.

Some blame all the same:

- The rotating potentiomtres trs are not enjoyable, touch plastic, hard turning, notched and freezes at a resolution (which is too thin ncssite several turns to move from 0100% of the value of said paramtre)
- The sensor strip which serves wheel "jog / shuttle" is also used as imprcise our laptop touchpads.
- If the engine does not rev s'avre noisy, however the buttons operate dclanche a "click" enough to record all the automation on an audio track if you open a microphone in the same pi what AlphaTrack!
- The LCD goes into oscillation ds that one knob activates a "sensitive" from the page initially and the value of the knob: illegible.
- The size of the BTE is suprieur FaderPort of the Presonus, which makes it less portable. Too bad because the exclusive power from the USB port is a joy.

Since I'm in comparison with the FaderPort (I have not tried but with whom I have great hsit), I stayed on my hunger to the extent that I had abandoned the FaderPort and portability in favor of three knobs, an LCD display and a jog / shuttle use impractical in the end.

Next comes the intgration surface CONTRL prfrs with our software. On reading the opinion prcdant and instructions concerning the intgration AlphaTrack in Sonar, the coupling appears to be perfect and rvle the full potential of the BTE.

But the time or the j'cris online, users of Cubase are far less gts. Several "bugs" or gaps in the driver's potential rduisent AlphaTrack.

- Most rdibitoire: the incredible pirouette just switch between the tracks input, or output mix in the mixer. For that reason alone, the FaderPort needed to Cubase (see the test in a prcdant numro of Keyboard magazine)
- The mandatory use of the mouse to enable / disable the equalizer bands paramtrique tracks
- Use with VST plug'in forget the extent there is not a plug'in paramtres with less than 30 and must be done each time dfile 3 by 3 up find one that interests us
- The jog / shuttle unusable concrtement

In short, the driver himself for cubase operates under the scope of the AlphaTrack. It is likely that updates (I test the will come quickly, dveloppeurs Submitted on Frontier Design Forum are keen to do evolve.

In résumé, if my opinion seems to contrast it must be recognized at the cost of the device, the report qualitprix me parrait excellent and interesting concept trs. Dveloppement the surface still seems complicated universal CONTRL from intgration with each software hte trs important. To be continued ...

Edit the 14/06/2007:

The update of drivers in version 1.04 amliore significantly intgration with Cubase.