Frontier Design Group AlphaTrack

AlphaTrack, Motorized MIDI Control Surface from Frontier Design Group.

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ang3lou 11/02/2007

Frontier Design Group AlphaTrack : ang3lou's user review


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3 days of work and fun with this little bte ...
In this dpart n'tait not really fun -> it seems that I am mass;)
And yes, if your grounding is poor or nonexistent, you will lift the foot to use AlphaTrack if a plant! (And I do not DCON!) 3:00 making head to find the problem was o -> will see in the forum ...

I really hsit with FaderPort and I chose the AlphaTrack for:
- The LCD screen
- The ability of CONTRL qualizer and plug'in
- The dsign (bte beautiful even if it is entirely plastic)

I do not regret my choice from the FaderPort.
The only thing that bothers me is the solidity of the machine ...
Rsistera there time?
At least not drop interest ...

As I said above, this is my 3rd day of work with this little device and I can not DJ without it!
It's really a pleasure to finally have the knobs and faders in Cubase SX 3 fingers.
The scroll is sensitive and can be very practical prcis unlike some advice.
I do not think dj toured bte but not the way to find a manual in French but ... The installation is not easy but ds that we understand the principle roll your own ...

I bought 222 Musicstore in Cologne. The Fader him silent port 149 for this reason that I really hsiter.
I find it a bit expensive but the diffrence between the two well-justified.

The only thing I regret is that since using the Controller I still feel like giving me the Mackie Control Universal ... But the price ... Have ...