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Contest MSP-250
Contest MSP-250
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dtdfedoras dtdfedoras
Publié le 03/02/09 à 13:53
I use it for almost a year because of an event per week initially mounted on the bridge I bought to complete servospot 250 elite but I must say that the contest msp 250 are well above the sudden I renvendu my elite and ultimately purchased 10 msp 250. I like the least, I would say that missing one or two additional colors like bright red and above a turquoise (the only case where the elite is a little better) that's it! red is in fact as pointed out the following notice a little dark but still usable in some cases dance floor. The attachment system is super fast but how do you put them on totems, if not create their own Triange (which I do)?? Apart from these two little details is that the rest of happiness! I like the addition, the two gobo wheels (fixed and rotary) you can mix and the ability to vibrate (shake) or the gobos we chose is a fabulous effect can make wonderful mixes gobos (try the yellow triangle on a vibrant orange gobo dichroïde also vibrating with the prism effect and have the effect of a gobo that burns through the gobo a blur, it is pretty awesome). I also enjoyed the ease of manipulation to change gobos. they can also work to the rhythm of music with Editable internal programs, handy if you have to rent them to a formula without light technician if the brightness is exceptional and this is where it displaces other brands (better than the elite servospot martin mac 300 or !!!!), speed well within the standards all at a price not too too high, I enjoyed the flight as FB truck that the importer has to carry the msp, not too heavy, not too big, not too expensive but not "tippables" in the trucks because the lyres are maintained but not enough to support a reversal of the fly for my taste I toured extensively with elite which I find far below, the TAS also ROBE and 575 that have some functions in addition to the lyre, but msp 250 contest is a good choice and effective, I note at 9 for two small missing colors (turquoise and bright red or purple) should also be noted a very wide range of gobos proposed by the importer. reliability issue for the moment ... despite RAS professional use (from 1 to 4 outputs per week) I often hear on the forums brands mean to be literally down to the benefit of elite dress or other martins but honestly you think brands "high end" is more reliable I myself elites who are also broke down and was totally amazed at the performance of small pilot wash 250 pr home lighting the whole is to take care of her stuff, to have a good technician in case a sav and can supply spare parts else no brand is truly more reliable than the others ...

After nearly two years of use, stay on my position ... these lyres are exceptional reliability and brightness contrast, the fully professional fly TRUNK FB does not support business use then it is better to be the same fly in a storage box

I put 10 as their only minor flaws are outweighed by the low price of these machines in terms of competition supposedly high-end that does absolutely nothing to see less
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