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[NAMM] Magix Mufin MusicFinder

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Magix Mufin MusicFinder
News Magix Mufin MusicFinder

Mp3 Player Software from Magix

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MAGIX is the first to present a software packet that automatically finds and then plays music that matches the user's

mood and taste.

Mufin MusicFinder can search through collections that are usually multiple gigabytes in size found on PCs or online. The program automatically compiles a list of music similar to one or more songs. For every occasion – whether sporting, party or for the car,
Mufin MusicFinder always finds the right music.

Integrated AudioID technology, created by the creator of MP3 format Professor Brandenburg, identifies and suggests music tracks on a semantic basis according to the sound characteristics of the reference track. For this reason, results from Mufin are especially reliable. What’s more, they’re returned in split seconds.

A study carried out by Philips Research Laboratories confirms that similarity counts as one of the most important criteria when searching
through music. The more comparison options available, the more accurate the result: Over 8 billion comparisons between over 4 million music tracks have already been made for AudioID. All newly released tracks from every record label are similarly integrated and are linked with already existing tracks. Year-long research of the basics of music semantics by the Fraunhofer Institute as well as the expertise of MAGIX in the area of multimedia applications were seamlessly incorporated into the development of Mufin MusicFinder. This way, Mufin MusicFinder only plays those tracks that match one another.

And this not just on your own computer: Mufin MusicFinder is directly connected to a live network of music lovers. From the offline application Mufin MusicFinder it is possible to directly access the Mufin web portal.

Via this portal, tracks fitting to the songs found on your hard disk can be ordered. Simultaneously, the web portal becomes a contact hub for those interested in music around the world. Getting to know each other is made easy through similar musical tastes. Many options are offered to the music fan, whether at home or from a computer anywhere in the world. Profiles can be created using music that you’ve
listened to or searched for and serve as the basis for meeting new people with similar music preferences for chatting or exchanging music tips.

Download Mufin MusicFinder at: www.mufin.com

The Philips Research Laboratories study: http://ismir2006.ismir.net/PAPERS/ISMIR06142_Paper.pdf
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