Behringer MINIFEX FEX800
Behringer MINIFEX FEX800

MINIFEX FEX800, Multi-Effects Processor from Behringer.

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paradies 11/27/2009

Behringer MINIFEX FEX800 : paradies's user review


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16 effects divided into effects "simple" and double effects (reverb + delay)
including reverb, delay, rotary, pitch.

The edition ets mnimaliste but a small button to the effects of changing the bpm of the effect.

It is a tiny half-rack model, except unmountable alongside another half-rack range of mini ebehringer.

We are in the digital input egamme 24bit 48khz converters very average.

2 stereo input on jack mono 6.35 L / R stereo output jack to 2 mono 6.35 L / R
a pedal input that can bypass the effect.


Ausis use simple machine is limited. the idea is to plug in, turn on to turn a button and have a little more bottom end. It is a fact almost useless in a home studio. While the price is ridiculous (30 euros used) but the sound is not better than metal plug ins cubase and protools integrated logic.
Super simple effects, thus rendering super easy too.


In terms of léfficacité it depends essentially on the use requested.
- In home studio as a multi insert effects, it is almost uninteresting. Not enough editing capabilities, no backup settings.
- Live it helps out on a listening type piano bar. It is clearly a small effect "handbag" that a singer or an instrument could arajouter has his kit to go for a benefit, or to use an ox on a synth mode rotary example.
- In cheat: Connected to a synth knobs can make interesting effects with the Rotary notement and changing in real time, but the settings will not be saved, REC and Play! That said, tested on an EMU orbit (which has an input / output sub and is devoid of internal effect) the result ets interesting (for the price) but realize the blatant pietre qualté converters (the treatment being digital I do not think I am right in saying that there are converters!)
It is not too Imera put forward for the effect does not reduce the amplitude of the source.
In this test, the best result was obtained by wiring the outputs of the effect has two input channel strip and not in an entry "to return" so that power outages and the equalizer effect. In addition, the soft plastic knobs are well mons to be crushed as the good old console buttons (even entry level)


I have been using one in my config are very accurate. for the role that I reserve, I am very telling.
A small processor Troubleshooting go anywhere for the price of 30 euros occasion, it's great.
J uses if the rack, lexicon, tc and the plugin and the integrated effects of roland sp606 and live consoles.
The price of nine, I think that it is more reasonable to try one occasion a little more solid as the plastic light is not very consistent with the primary use of the object that s still a "little live

It is only for the price of secondhand gear that every singer should be bought with little money and enmener with him, it is more flattering that one vote "dry." The MINIFEX is the compact of the singer in fact, with its sm58 as a lipstick.

In conclusion, do not ask do not expect miracles from a module that price. Discrete and stay in the mix for this little machine make you small services

I referrer that choice at this price but for the price of nine can be I'll turn into a alesis picoverb.
with a budget of over $ 100, go your way.

7 for use "piano bar" Requiring a discreet little effect size, and the students singing.
5 for an average value for money
2 for home studio use because of the converters.