Behringer Virtualizer Pro DSP2024P
Behringer Virtualizer Pro DSP2024P

Virtualizer Pro DSP2024P, Multi-Effects Processor from Behringer.

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seb_bj 03/02/2014

Behringer Virtualizer Pro DSP2024P : seb_bj's user review

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reverb, chorus, flanger, compressor / limiter, phaser, delay, expander, pan, tremolo, pitch, leslie, etc ...

triplet noon, in, out, thru, 19 "

in / out jack / XLR


child use editing even very simple device.

100 factory presets and 100 user


not too bad if reverb reverb tail too long, otherwise one side a metal thing.

I use it mainly comp / limiter in addition to a tc electronic rack and a future to come.

Other effects are almost usable, taking the time and care to polish.


a dozen years, for the price it was not bad, but now we have the possibility of finding well above, for little more expensive ... in new and even more secondhand ....

But it is true that given in the context of time, he offered still a lot of possibilities and various effects.