Behringer Virtualizer Pro DSP2024P
Behringer Virtualizer Pro DSP2024P

Virtualizer Pro DSP2024P, Multi-Effects Processor from Behringer.

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Modulator18 11/29/2014

Behringer Virtualizer Pro DSP2024P : Modulator18's user review

«  It suits me »

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Rack format effects 19 "1U.
71 Algoritmes of effects, basics, unavoidable and unusable ... All within.
Internal memories with 100 presets and 100 users.
4 pots on the front to edit and modify the effects in real time.
1 mix knob and buttons to access the menus.
Rear: MIDI plug in out tru, inputs and outputs stereo jack or XLR 6'35.
Encran 7-segment LED.


Ultra easy to use.
Comprehensive manual in English, with explanation of the effects editions ... As against very light in French. It is not too useful given the simplicity of the device.


The everything and nothing !!!!
Of the 71 effects algorithms proposed:
The Reverb: the softer going well (Room, ambience). Other (internship, cathedral ...) are too drafts.

The delay: classic

Modulations: Chorus not bad. Flanger, phaser: beautiful but with enough light settings.

Dynamic and psycho-acoustic: I like the compressor and the ultra low but again with a fairly light setting because it saturates quickly and gives an audible boiled in extreme low frequencies!

Filter and EQ: EQ do their jobs well enough, the LFO is awful!

Distortion and amp simulation I do not therefore uses little or no notice. For the distortion, it is better to go through a Boss pedal (metal zone for example).

Special FX: contains vinylizer useless
Sampler: shit
Vocoder whistles and badly works, it is rather a generator Feedback !!!
Resonator: nothing sèrieux.

and finally combinations of the most used effects: Chorus & Reverb, Flanger and Delay ....


I bought here is over 10 years for 119 €.
I keep it because I use it for some reverb and phaser on synthetic string sounds (slight swirling effect) in small doses.
I do not think regret my choice because I have 4 personal presets that serve me well.
Otherwise I have other more serious effects processors (Alesis) to work my sounds.
Today, I do not think I will ever want.
In occase, it is so cheap and little help novice musicians!
I have nothing against Berhinger, but they would have let that classical effects and avoid making the filling with completions useless things: sampler and vocoder, for example.