Boss eBand JS-10 Audio Player w/ Guitar Effects
Boss eBand JS-10 Audio Player w/ Guitar Effects

eBand JS-10 Audio Player w/ Guitar Effects, Multi-Effects Processor from Boss in the JS series.

cricro18 11/25/2012

Boss eBand JS-10 Audio Player w/ Guitar Effects : cricro18's user review

«  I love it! »

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Boss JS-10 incorporates the sounds of famous boss GT100!
very easy to use for editing sounds is a treat in the end more gasworks commme in line 6 and more!
the builder finally realized that the important thing was to play and spend night to make adjustments!
sounds are super clean and have to really like playing in a group, are the guitar perfectly in the mix and the bass is always delicious.
And let me tell you that those are the sounds of the Boss GT-100 bad, are people who can not play the guitar!
And then there are people who still have not understood that the multi-effects with amp modeling CA DOES NOT BRANCH ON AMPS!
This is not for lol! But it has been 10 years since we talking about!
This is done to plug into a PA or in monitor speakers
the amp or FRFR (Full Range Flat Response) so that the system sounds smooth and balanced, without too sharp or too frequencies missing, such as atomic Reactor FR or tech 21 power engine.
Finally, we can not stress enough!
and then just watch videos of the excellent guitarist Jack Thammarat on the net (or boss boss GT100 JS10) to account for the sound quality! and that can be done with.
So if you have a rotten is that you probably plug into a guitar amp (or so you start!)


He serves as a group, repet, studio and on stage!
Config and editing sounds very simple French manual clear and precise
more you can connect 2 guitar and have a different sound for each guitar too cool!
or you can connect a guitar and a microphone for vocals (with the right amp for vocals.
and even with a low simus adapted and very convincing.
it also serves as a sound card for recording
you can even import sounds from a CD or MP3/Wave the JS10 and export sounds from the computer (idem for the patches.
USB port, RCA, headphone, entered USB, SD card, entrance guitar, bass and microphone


I use it in enceinres monitoring BX8D2 M-audio, and sound satisfies me, it fits very well in my home studio, finished for me guitar rig, tube amp and other uZine gas that sounds cold and who eat up CPU of the computer, it all ended for me.


JS-10 is my main multi effect for home studio and I also use group
(I need 4 sounds clean, crunch, Disto, and Disto Boost for solos.
reverbs and delay are at the top!
We can even disable the HP
about HP is sending still fine (apart is impossible to thoroughly under penalty disput with neighbors believe me!
On stage next to me it is very small return!
Play the back are very pro I love, to oxen, is entrainner, progress, it is the perfect companion for me, you can even add a USB playback with many others, TOP
I would do this choice without hesitation