Boss eBand JS-10 Audio Player w/ Guitar Effects
Boss eBand JS-10 Audio Player w/ Guitar Effects

eBand JS-10 Audio Player w/ Guitar Effects, Multi-Effects Processor from Boss in the JS series.

toutelamusiquejaime 01/19/2014

Boss eBand JS-10 Audio Player w/ Guitar Effects : toutelamusiquejaime's user review

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This is the processor gt 100 is inside, the only difference is that the sounds are programmed and set in relation to complete songs played. Really "Top" for fun, to register, jammer, even learn to February 2 (input jack), USB editable provided.
It can speed up or slow down tracks, add Boss pedals (more) switch and expression. You can erase or mitigate the lead parts to replace by oneself and those with 350 built-in songs or external media you would bring, USB drive, SD card, mp3. Impeccable to learn precisely the desired part, replacing the real instrument on the real piece.


Very simple and intuitive control, the manual will be a last resort. Everything is obvious.


The effects are realistic to 99%, just that it's modeling, but good quality and everyone should find his account.
Can connect, guitar, bass and vocals, they all dedicated effects.


I've had more than a month before and I also tested the line 6 looper pedal JM 4 with backing tracks, very nice but two out product categories and really apart.