Boss SE-70 Super Effects Processor
Boss SE-70 Super Effects Processor

SE-70 Super Effects Processor, Multi-Effects Processor from Boss.

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Philou13bis 04/29/2003

Boss SE-70 Super Effects Processor : Philou13bis's user review


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Generator effect with pRSETA trs versatile guitar song for keyboard
Conventional compression distortion effects delay reverb guitar amp simulator, echo, chorus, flanger, ring modulator, keyboard emulator (guitar) whawha, vocoder, equalization;
there is also a function mtronome, and a tuner for guitar or bass
trs connector complte, paramtrable midi in out-through
MODEL is a demirack the adapter sold by Boss (a bit expensive ....)


The configuration is very simple, we select a chain ffects, we select in this chain effect that you want to keep, we change each parameter of the effect by one or more knob unless we go to the following para meter etc ... at the end of the chain effect is selected and the volume gnrale assignments noon ... then with the same knob is given a clear name to sound the you want to save ...


The effects are trs correct for my use as a guitarist ... I do not like too much distortion I find a little too numrique ... but good with good prampli arrangements can be made
Stereo effects are trs is well


I use it for 2 years, the presets are very easy to modify and very easy to use as is
I have not used bcp effect rack before buying pdaliers just not too much experience
The only default is the lack of versatility for a guitarist, who is to couple a pramp distos that gives good, but it's classic